Accreditation Eligibility


  • Any Associate Degree institution in the United States that is regionally accredited and grants the Associates's Degree as the highest degree. Any Baccalaureate/Graduate Degree Institution in the United States, regionally accredited and offering a baccalaureate or major in business and/or graduate degree in business.
  • International Degree-Granting Institutions. Non-U.S. institutions awarding business or business-related degrees and without U.S.-based regional accreditation must present, with the application for membership, a certified English translation of an official document from an appropriate government organization in their home country stating their right to grant higher education degrees.
  • For non-U.S. institutions based in countries in which the legal authority to award degrees is not available, the institution must provide with the application for membership, documented evidence acceptable to the Board of Directors for membership in this category.
  • For institutions located within the United States, regional accreditation of the institution is required for membership and accreditation eligibility. Not all countries have the equivalent of regional accreditation and the government may provide the authority to grant degrees. When considering business programs, students are encouraged to contact institutions they may wish to attend in the future as well as the human resource department of specific employers. Degree acceptance policies will vary by institution and employer.

“IFEI accreditation legitimizes our program and department. We get recognition from our administrators and others around the college. In fact, we have faculty members outside of the department asking about our assessment methods for their own programs.”

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