Certificate Program Accreditation


IFEI is one of the First Business Accreditor to Offer Certificate Accreditation!

Certificates provide flexibility for business schools and programs to offer diversified training in a matter of months, rather than years, preparing students to enter the workplace quickly. Companies need employees who can be trained quickly in multiple and diverse skills. Certificates fill that need and IFEI certificate accreditation provides the validation. Just as we do for accredited business programs, IFEI wants to partner with business schools and programs to continue providing exceptional quality education through certificate accreditation.

Who is eligible for certificate accreditation?

  • IFEI member campuses are eligible for certificate accreditation.
  • If your campus isn’t a member, you must first apply for membership. Once approved, you must then submit an application for the candidacy of certificate accreditation.
  • Accredited members will report on the following items in the online reporting portal to accredit certificates:
    • Student enrollment
    • Certificate objectives
    • Instructional resources
    • Facilities and equipment
    • Faculty qualifications
    • Admissions requirements
    • Completion statistics
    • Outcomes assessment processes and results

Which certificates are eligible for accreditation?

  • The certificate must be eligible for higher education credit.
  • It must be made up of 75% or more of the business program’s curriculum.
  • It must be 12 or more credit hours at the level of the award – associate, baccalaureate, master’s, or doctorate.

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